Civil society organizations raise call for action urging States in the Americas to respond to Venezuelan migrants and asylum seekers

Photo: George Castellanos

Washington, D.C., August, 22nd, 2018.-  Over 200 civil society organizations from across the region launched a petition today calling on States in the Americas, regional and international organisms towork together in the face of the massive forced displacement of more than two million Venezuelans”, specifically with a gaze that generates a “coordinated regional response grounded in stronger protections and prevention of the violation rights of migrants, some of whom may be in need of international protection.”

The petition, drafted by a working group formed by human rights organizations, academics, and other stakeholders and currently available on Avaaz for all to sign, was created after the Peruvian and Ecuadorian government announced their plans last weekend to request passports from all Venezuelan migrants as the only form of certified documentation to permit their access into either country. Furthermore, in Brazil, reports detailed xenophobic attacks which led to the deployment of troops to the border region.

It is expected that the petition will generate massive support from actors and stakeholders across the region in raising their voices asking those States at the frontlines of receiving the influx of Venezuelan migrants to develop “concerted regional strategies that incorporate extensive consultations with civil society organizations; generate coordinated and complementary alternatives that provide long-term solutions with an integral approach to human rights; and to avoid any act of discrimination, xenophobia and violence.”

“We hope that this call to action informs States in the Americas, as well as regional and international entities on solutions that can move the needle on addressing the crisis,” said Francisco Quintana, Program Director for the Andean Region, North America and Caribbean Center for Justice and International Law, CEJIL , “As members of civil society, we expect to work closely with States on developing these strategies.”

You can read the original letter, in Spanish, and view the signatories here.

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